Recent Publications

1- Individual prevention and containment measures in schools in Catalonia, Spain, and community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 after school re-opening
Alonso, S.; Català, M.; Lopez, D.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Jordan, I.; Fumadó, V.; Muñoz-Almagro, C.; Gratacós, E.; Balanza, N.; Baro, B.; Ajanovic, S.; Arias, S.; Fernández de Sevilla, M.; Bonet-Carné, E.; Garcia-Miquel, A.; Medina-Peralta, M.; Coma, E.; Fina, F.; Prats, C.; Bassat, Q.
PloS one 17 e0263741 (2022)

2- Multi-scale computational modeling of spatial calcium handling from nanodomain to whole-heart: overview and perspectives
Colman, M.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Echebarria, B.; Sato, D.; Sutanto, H.; Heijman, J.
Frontiers in Physiology 13 836622 (2022)

3- From single to collective motion of social amoebae: a computational study of interacting cells
Moreno, E.; Großmann, R.; Beta, C.; Alonso, S.
Frontiers in Physics 9 750187 (2022)

4- The origin and maintenance of tuberculosis is explained by the induction of smear-negative disease in the paleolithic
Cardona, P.J.; Català, M.; Prats, C.
Pathogens 11 366 (2022)

5- An ensemble of parameters from a robust Markov-based model reproduces L-type calcium currents from different human cardiac myocytes
Montes, G.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Alonso, S.; Weber, R.
PloS one 17 0266233 (2022)

6- Mass-conservation increases robustness in stochastic reaction-diffusion models of cell crawling
Moreno, E.; Alonso, S.
Frontiers in Physics 10 881885 (2022)

7- The ethical use of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence: fighting COVID-19 at Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Cortes, U.; Cortes, A.; García, D.; Pérez, R.; Alvarez-Napagao, Sergio; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.
AI and ethics 2 325-340 (2022)

8- A cost–benefit analysis of COVID-19 vaccination in Catalonia
López, F.; Català, M.; Prats, C.; Estrada, O.; Oliva, I.; Prats, N.; Isnard, M.; Vallès, R.; Vilar, M.; Clotet, B.; Argimon, J.; Aran, A.Ara, J.
Vaccines 10 10010059:1-10010059:9 (2021)

9- Symptom-based predictive model of COVID-19 disease in children
Antoñanzas, J.; Perramon, A.; López, C.; Boneta, M.; Aguilera, C.; Capdevila, R.; Gatell, A.; Serrano, P.; Poblet, M.; Canadell, D.; Vilà, M.; Catasús, G.; Valldepérez, C.; Català, M.; Soler-Palacín, P.; Prats, C.Soriano-Arandes, A.
Viruses 14 63 (2021)

10- Acoustic effects on heat transfer on the ground and in microgravity conditions
Quintana, G. and Gonzalez, R.
International journal of heat and mass transfer 178 1-26 (2021)

11- The impact of prioritisation and dosing intervals on the effects of COVID-19 vaccination in Europe: an agent-based cohort model
Català, M.; Li, X.; Prats and C.Prieto-Alhambra, D.
Scientific reports 11 18812/1--10 (2021)

12- Schools as a Framework for COVID-19 Epidemiological Surveillance of Children in Catalonia, Spain: A Population-Based Study
Perramon, A.; Soriano-Arandes, A.; Pino, D.; Andres, C.; Català, M.; Gatell, A.; Poblet, M. and Prats, C.
Frontiers in Pediatrics 9 1-10 (2021)

13- Analysis of bubble management at different gravity levels by means of an acoustic field
Huber, F.; Garcia-Sabaté, A.; Legendre, D.Gonzalez, R.
International journal of multiphase flow 142 1-24 (2021)

14- Age-dependency of the propagation rate of coronavirus disease 2019 inside school bubble groups in Catalonia, Spain
Alonso, S.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Català, M.; Lopez, D.; Jordan, I.; García-García, J.; Soriano-Arandes, A.; Lazcano, U.; Sallés, P.; Masats, M.; Urrutia, J.; Gatell, A.; Capdevila, R.; Soler-Palacín, P.; Bassat, Q.Prats, C.
Pediatric infectious disease journal 40 955-961 (2021)

15- Monitoring and analysis of COVID-19 pandemic: the need for an empirical approach
Català, M.; Marchena, M.; Conesa, D.; Palacios, P.; Urdiales, T.; Alonso, S.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Lopez, D.; Cardona, P.J.Prats, C.
Frontiers in public health 9 633123/1--9 (2021)

16- Risk diagrams based on primary care electronic medical records and linked real-time PCR data to monitor local covid-19 outbreaks during the summer 2020: a prospective study including 7,671,862 people in Catalonia
Català, M.; Coma, E.; Alonso, S.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Cordomí, S.; Lopez, D.; Fina, F.; Medina-Peralta, M.; Prats, C.Prieto-Alhambra, D.
Frontiers in public health 9 693956-1-8 (2021)

17- Conductance heterogeneities induced by multistability in the dynamics of coupled cardiac gap junctions
Bragard, J.; Witt, A.; Laroze, D.; Hawks, C.; Elorza, J.; Rodriguez Cantalapiedra, I.; Peñaranda, A.Echebarria, B.
Chaos 31 073144-1-17 (2021)

18- Diffusivity estimation for activator–inhibitor models: theory and application to intracellular dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton
Flemming, S.; Alonso, S.Beta, C.
Journal of Nonlinear Science 31 1-34 (2021)

19- The ethical use of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence: fighting COVID-19 at Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Cortes, A.; García, D.; Pérez, R.; Alvarez-Napagao, SergioAlvarez-Lacalle, E.
AI and ethics 1-16 (2021)

20- Transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection among children in summer schools applying stringent control measures in Barcelona, Spain
Jordan, I.; Fernández de Sevilla, M.; Fumadó, V.; Bassat, Q.; Bonet-Carné, E.; Fortuny, C.; Garcia-Miquel, A.; TOMAS, G.; Arias, S.; Alonso, S.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Cuadras, D.; Català, M.; Lopez, D.; Prats, C.; García-García, J.Gratacós, E.
Clinical infectious diseases 74 66-73 (2021)

21- Ca2+-CaM dependent inactivation of RyR2 underlies Ca2+ alternans in intact heart
Guo, W.; Benitez, R.; Hove-Madsen, L.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.Echebarria, B.
Circulation research 128 e63-e83 (2021)

22- Comparative analysis of geolocation information through mobile-devices under different COVID-19 mobility restriction patterns in Spain
Pérez, R.; Conesa, D.; Alvarez-Napagao, Sergio; Suzumura, T.; Català, M.Garcia-Gasulla, D.
International journal of geo-information 10 1-18 (2021)

23- ESA/ELGRA Gravity-Related Research Summer School: an introduction to microgravity and hypergravity research for university students
Callens, N.; Carvil, P.; Van Walleghem, M.Gonzalez, R.
Microgravity science and technology 33 1-7 (2021)

24- Incidence and impact of COVID-19 in MS. A survey from a Barcelona MS Unit.
Sepúlveda, M.; Llufriu, S.; Martínez-Hernández, E.; Català, M.; Artola, M.; Hernando, A.; Montejo, C.; Pulido-Valdeolivas, I.; Martinez-Heras, E.; Guasp, M.; Solana, E.; Llançó, L.; Escudero, D.; Aldea, M.; Prats, C.; Graus, F.; Blanco, Y.Saiz, A.
Neurology-Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation 8 e954 (2021)

25- Robust estimation of diagnostic rate and real incidence of COVID-19 for European policymakers
Català, M.; Pino, D.; Marchena, M.; Palacios, P.; Urdiales, T.; Cardona, P.J.; Alonso, S.; Lopez, D.; Prats, C.Alvarez-Lacalle, E.
PloS one 16 e0243701 (2021)

26- Trade-off analysis of phase separation techniques for advanced life support systems in space
Fili, T.; Gòdia, F.Gonzalez, R.
Acta astronautica 178 571-583 (2021)

27- Empirical model for short-time prediction of COVID-19 spreading
Català, M.; Alonso, S.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.; Lopez, D.; Cardona, P.J.Prats, C.
PLoS computational biology 16 e1008431-1-e1008431-18 (2020)

28- Modeling cell crawling strategies with a bistable model: from amoeboid to fan-shaped cell motion
Moreno, E.; Flemming, S.; Font, F.; Holschneider, M.; Beta, C.Alonso, S.
Physica. D, Nonlinear phenomena 412 132591:1-132591:13 (2020)

29- The need for detailed COVID-19 data in Spain
Trias-Llimós, S.; Alustiza, A.; Prats, C.; Tobias, A.Riffe, T.
Lancet Public Health 5 (2020)

30- Buffering and total calcium levels determine the presence of oscillatory regimes in cardiac cells
Marchena, M.; Echebarria, B.; Shiferaw, Y.Alvarez-Lacalle, E.
PLoS computational biology 16 1-27 (2020)

31- A reaction-diffusion model to understand granulomas formation inside secondary lobule during tuberculosis infection
Català, M.; Prats, C.; Lopez, D.; Cardona, PJ.Alonso, S.
PloS one 15 e0239289 (2020)

32- Controlled generation of vapor/liquid slug flows by local boiling in microgravity
Bitlloch, P.; Ruiz, X.; Ramirez de La Piscina, L.Casademunt, J.
AIAA journal 58 4017-4027 (2020)

33- Archaeomagnetic study of a limekiln in the Les Ferreres Roman aqueduct, World Heritage Site of Tarraco
Casas, Ll.; Auguet, C.; Guasch, N.; Gómez-Paccard;, M.; Pitarch, Á.; Prada, J.L.; Sanjurjo-Sánchez, J.; Menchón, J.; Badia, M.Díaz, M.
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 12 212-1-212-22 (2020)

34- Modelización computacional cardiaca
Bragard, J.; Camara Rey, Oscar; Echebarria, B.; Pueyo, E.; Soudah, E.Vazquez, M.
Revista española de cardiología 74 65-71 (2020)

35- Modelización empírica de la epidemia COVID-19
Ginovart, M.Blanco, M.
Suma 11-22 (2020)

36- Two-variable nullcline analysis of ionic general equilibrium predicts calcium homeostasis in ventricular myocytes
Conesa, D.; Echebarria, B.; Peñaranda, A.; Rodriguez Cantalapiedra, I.; Shiferaw, Y.Alvarez-Lacalle, E.
PLoS computational biology 16 1-21 (2020)

37- Comparison of Two Gas Injection Methods for Generating Bubbles in a T-Junction
Arias, S.
Microgravity science and technology 1-11 (2020)

38- Performance assessment of ultrasonic waves for bubble control in cryogenic fuel tanks
Suñol, F.; Ochoa, D. A.; Granados, M.; Gonzalez, R.Garcia, J. E.
Microgravity science and technology 32 609-613 (2020)

39- Numerical and Experimental Study of the Squeezing-to-Dripping Transition in a T-Junction
Arias, S.Montlaur, A.
Microgravity science and technology 32 687-697 (2020)

40- Modelling the dynamics of tuberculosis lesions in a virtual lung: role of the bronchial tree in endogenous reinfection
Català, M.; Bechini, J.; Tenesa, M.; Pérez, R.; Moya, M.; Vilaplana, C.; Valls, J.; Alonso, S.; Lopez, D.; Cardona, P.J.Prats, C.
PLoS computational biology 16 e1007772 (2020)

41- Lunar ISRU energy storage and electricity generation
Fernandez, M.; Serra, P.; Fereres, S.; Stephenson, K.Gonzalez, R.
Acta astronautica 170 412-412 (2020)

42- Influence of the tubular network on the characteristics of calcium transients in cardiac myocytes
Marchena, M.Echebarria, B.
PloS one 15 0231056-1-0231056-20 (2020)

43- How cortical waves drive fission of motile cells
Flemming, S.; Font, F.; Alonso, S.Beta, C.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 6330-6338 (2020)

44- Cording mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli have a key role in the progression towards active tuberculosis, which is stopped by previous immune response
Arias, L.; Cardona, P.; Català, M.; Prats, C.; Vilaplana, C.; Cardona, P.J.; Julian, E.Campo, V.
Microorganisms 8 1-14 (2020)

45- Origin of tuberculosis in the Paleolithic predicts unprecedented population growth and female resistance
Cardona, P.J.; Català, M.Prats, C.
Scientific reports 10 42-1-42-20 (2020)

46- The effect of a prototype hydromulch on soil water evaporation under controlled laboratory conditions
Verdu, AMC.; Mas, M.T.; Josa, R.Ginovart, M.
Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics 68 404-410 (2020)

47- INDISIM-Denitrification, an individual-based model for study the denitrification process
Araujo, P.; Gras, A.; Ginovart, M.Moulton, V.
Journal of industrial microbiology and biotechnology 47 1-20 (2020)

48- In-situ approach for thermal energy storage and thermoelectricity generation on the Moon: modelling and simulation
Fleith, P.; Cowley, A.; Canals, A.; Valle, A.; Frank, R.; López, P.Gonzalez, R.
Planetary and space science 181 104789-1-104789-12 (2020)

49- Development of a methodology to analyze leaves from Prunus dulcis varieties using near infrared spectroscopy
Borraz, S.; Boqué, R.; Simo, J.; Mestre, M.Gras, A.
Talanta 204 320-328 (2019)

50- Unstable state decay in non-Markovian heat baths and weak signals detection
Jiménez, J.; Sánchez, N.; Ramirez de La Piscina, L.Romero, M.
Physica A: statistical mechanics and its applications 529 121493-1-121493-29 (2019)

51- Gap junction dynamics induces localized conductance bistability in cardiac tissue
Hawks, C.; Elorza, J.; Witt, A.; Laroze, D.; Rodriguez Cantalapiedra, I.; Peñaranda, A.; Echebarria, B.Bragard, J.
International journal of bifurcation and chaos 29 1930021:1-1930021:14 (2019)

52- DOSAVIÑA: Tool to calculate the optimal volume rate and pesticide amount in vineyard spray applications based on a modified leaf wall area method
Gil, E.; Campos, J.; Ortega, P.; Llop, J.; Gras, A.; Armengol, E.; Salcedo, R.Gallart, M.
Computers and electronics in agriculture 160 117-130 (2019)

53- Effects of gravity level on bubble detachment, rise, and bouncing with a free surface
Suñol, F.Gonzalez, R.
International journal of multiphase flow 113 191-198 (2019)

54- Stochastic coupled map model of subcellular calcium cycling in cardiac cells
Romero, L.; Alvarez-Lacalle, E.Shiferaw, Y.
Chaos 29 (2019)

55- Modelización basada en agentes: canibalismo microbiano
Ginovart, M.; Tutusaus, A.Mas, M.T.
Modelling in science education and learning 12 5-46 (2019)

56- Flaix de ciència. Massa petits per poder ser modelitzats? Models basats en l’individu per representar i investigar poblacions microbianes amb creixement no planctònic
Ginovart, M.Font, M.
Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Biologia 68 50-53 (2019)

57- Development of canopy vigour maps using UAV for site-specific management during vineyard spraying process
Campos, J.; Llop, J.; Gallart, M.; García, F.; Gras, A.; Salcedo, R.Gil, E.
Precision agriculture 20 1136-1156 (2019)

58- Evaluación de diferentes fuentes de azúcar para la segunda fermentación de los vinos espumosos tipo cava
Anglès, G.; Carbó, R.; Gordún, E.Ginovart, M.
Enoviticultura 10-23 (2019)

59- Elaboration of a spontaneous gluten-free sourdough with a mixture of amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa flours analyzing microbial load, acidity, and pH
Carbó, R.; Gordún, E.; Fernández, A.Ginovart, M.
Food science and technology international (2019)

60- Elaboration of a spontaneous gluten-free sourdough with a mixture of amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa flours analyzing microbial load, acidity, and pH
Carbó, R.; Gordún, E.; Fernández, A.; Ginovart, M.
Food science and technology international 26 344-352 (2019)

61- Computational Model of Calcium Signaling in Cardiac Atrial Cells at the Submicron Scale
Marchena, M.Echebarria, B.
Frontiers in Physiology 9 1-14 (2018)

62- Ectopic beats arise from micro-reentries near infarct regions in simulations of a patient-specific heart model
sachetto, R.; Alonso, S.; Otaviano, F.; Martins , B.; Filipe, J.; Kuehne, T.Weber, R.
Scientific reports 8 16392-1-16392-14 (2018)

63- Editorial: The individual microbe: single-cell analysis and agent-based modelling
Leveau, J.H.J.; Hellweger, F.L.; Kreft, J.U.; Prats, C.Zhang, W.
Frontiers in microbiology 9 2825 (2018)

64- Analyzing policymaking for tuberculosis control in Nigeria
Ahmad, N.; Montañola-Sales, C.; Prats, C.; Musa, M.; Lopez, D.Casanovas, J.
Complexity (2018)

65- Congenital and blood transfusion transmission of chagas disease: A framework using mathematical modeling
Ramalho, E.; Albuquerque, J.; Cristino, C.; Barros, V.; Gómez, J.; Prats, C.Lopez, D.
Complexity 2018 1589016-1-1589016-10 (2018)

66- Can systems immunology lead tuberculosis eradication?
Cardona, P.J.; Català, M.; Arch, M.; Arias, L.; Alonso, S.; Cardona, P.; Lopez, D.; Vilaplana, C.Prats, C.
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 12 53-60 (2018)

67- Histidine decarboxylase-positive lactic acid bacteria strains and the formation of histamine in ripened cheeses
del Valle, LJ.; Ginovart, M.; Gordún, E.Carbó, R.
Journal of food processing and preservation 42 1-9 (2018)

68- Periodic spiking by a pair of ionic channels
Ramirez de La Piscina, L.Sancho, J M
Physica A: statistical mechanics and its applications 505 345-354 (2018)

69- Modeling random crawling, membrane deformation and intracellular polarity of motile amoeboid cells
Alonso, S.; Stange, M.Beta, C.
PloS one 13 e0201977-1-e0201977-8 (2018)

70- Bubble dynamics in turbulent duct flows: Lattice-Boltzmann simulations and drop tower experiments
Bitlloch, P.; Ruiz, X.; Ramirez de La Piscina, L.Casademunt, J.
Microgravity science and technology 30 525-534 (2018)

71- Fixed-density boundary conditions in overdamped Langevin simulations of diffusion in channels
Ramirez de La Piscina, L.
Physical review E 98 013302-1-013302-7 (2018)

72- Development of a computational model of abscess formation
Pigozzo, A.; Missiakas, D.; Alonso, S.; Weber, R.Lobosco, M.
Frontiers in microbiology 9 1-16 (2018)

73- Killing many birds with two stones: hypoxia and fibrosis can generate ectopic beats in a human ventricular model
sachetto, R.; Alonso, S.Weber, R.
Frontiers in Physiology 9 764-1-764-12 (2018)

74- Generation and control of monodisperse bubble suspensions in microgravity
Bitlloch, P.; Ruiz, X.; Ramirez de La Piscina, L.Casademunt, J.
Aerospace science and technology 77 344-352 (2018)

75- Discretization-dependent model for weakly connected excitable media
Arroyo, P. A.; Alonso, S.Weber, R.
Physical review E 97 032214-1-032214-13 (2018)

76- Influence of contact angle boundary condition on CFD simulation of T-Junction
Arias, S.Montlaur, A.
Microgravity science and technology 30 435-443 (2018)

77- CD5L promotes M2 macrophage polarization through autophagy-mediated upregulation of ID3
Sanjurjo, L.; Aran, G.; Téllez, É.; Amézaga, N.; Armengol, C.; Prats, C.; Lopez, D.Sarrias, M.
Frontiers in Immunology 9 1-16 (2018)

78- A microfluidics and agent-based modeling framework for investigating spatial organization in bacterial colonies: the case of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and H1-Type VI secretion interactions
Wilmoth, J.; Doak, P.; Timm, A.; Halsted, M.; Anderson, J.; Ginovart, M.; Prats, C.; Portell, X.; Retterer, S.Fuentes-Cabrera, M.
Frontiers in microbiology 9 1-11 (2018)

79- Identification of yeast isolated from laboratory sourdoughs prepared with grape, apple, and yogurt
Gordún, E.; Puig, Anna; Piñol, L.Carbó, R.
Journal of microbiology, biotechnology and food sciences 7 399-399 (2018)

80- Physical properties of voltage gated pores
Ramirez de La Piscina, L.Sancho, J M
European physical journal B 91 10-1-10-9 (2018)

81- Digital image analysis of yeast single cells growing in two different oxygen concentrations to analyze the population growth and to assist individual-based modeling
Ginovart, M.; Carbó, R.; Blanco, M.Portell, X.
Frontiers in microbiology 8 2628 (2018)

82- Using archaeomagnetism to improve the dating of three sites in Catalonia (NE Spain)
Casas, Ll.; Auguet, C.; Cantoni, G.; López, J.; Guasch, N.Prevosti, M.
Journal of cultural heritage 31 152-161 (2018)

83- A sounding rocket experiment to control boiling by means of acoustic waves
Quintana, G.; Garcia-Sabaté, A.; Batlle, S.; López, G.; Sierra, V.; Casas, J.O.Gonzalez, R.
Microgravity science and technology (2018)

84- Histidine decarboxylase-positive lactic acid bacteria strains and the formation of histamine in ripened cheeses
del Valle, LJ.; Ginovart, M.; Gordún, E.; Carbó, R
Journal of food processing and preservation 42 1-19 (2018)